PSA Policy

“Statement By
The Board of Directors of
New Hampshire Gospel Radio March, 2001”

New Hampshire Gospel Radio is pleased to serve the whole body of Christ within our listening region. We welcome requests for public service announcements (PSA’s) of special ministries and events of the local churches. Such churches must be in agreement with the station’s published doctrinal statement.

NHGR may decline PSA requests which management deems to be inappropriate for promotion by this station.

PSA privileges will also be extended by management to worthy non-ministry community events and programs within the area of the NHGR listenership and deemed appropriate for promotion by this station.

Christian ministry events not specifically sponsored by and accountable to one or more of our local churches will not receive the PSA promotional privileges of New Hampshire Gospel Radio. Exceptions may be made only by approval of the Board of Directors based upon its knowledge of and confidence in the sponsor.

How to Submit a PSA

When submitting a public service announcement please follow these steps:

  • Email your PSA in script form to (no attachments please)
  • PSA should be either :30 seconds or :60 seconds in length
  • Please submit PSA at least three (3) weeks prior to the event
  • Make sure your PSA includes:
  • Name of the event
  • Information about the event
  • Address where the event will be held
  • Day of the week and time of event
  • Contact phone number and website address
  • Cost of event and any registration requirements